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Chicago Vacation

When the team lead says "the workshops are in Schaumburg, Illinois" you jump on it and take a side trip to Chicago (Schaumburg is about a 60 minute drive to Chicago on a good day). If you don't then you're a chump because doubling work trips as vacation is brilliantly convenient. Fortunately for me, my main squeeze telecommutes, so I… Continue reading Chicago Vacation

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Foodie Calendar

Just for fun and in celebration of the New Year, I decided to create a weekly calendar. Yes, I'm a little late unless you can Lunar New Year. I also chose to provide links to different recipes for some of the celebrated food. The recipes haven't been tested by myself (yet), but they do look… Continue reading Foodie Calendar

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Guest Post: Sunday Funday

So it is Sunday and my girl wants to go to a comic book store around 1pm in the Bishop Arts Distric to do some research for her kids’ event. Fuck it. I’ll go. I didn’t want to go, but did anyway. It turned out to be bass, son, or said in more understandable terms… Continue reading Guest Post: Sunday Funday


Mac to the Cheese

Over the years I've hosted parties and generally I've provided enough food with minimal leftovers. This Thanksgiving, I went overboard with the macaroni and cheese. Making two pounds of macaroni sounded like a good idea at the time. I mean 18 guests would need all that. Right?! Look at that beauty! But I forgot that… Continue reading Mac to the Cheese

Braised Pork with potato dumpling
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Stock & Barrel

316 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208 (214) 888-0150 Tues-Thur 5-10pm Fri-Sat 5-11pm Sun 10:30-3pm, 5-9pm Rating: 3/5   Let me start off with my awesomely, refreshing cocktail: vodka, cucumber, and mint. I love fresh herbs, especially mint. Its called the Eastside. Big Eye Tuna Nachos. When I eat tuna, I like it as a… Continue reading Stock & Barrel